About Me

(Jimmy is talking, Tony D. is typing)

     Hi! My name is James W. Zangwow. But all my pals call me Jimmy. I am six & three-quarters years old. Pretty soon I’ll be seven, and then I’ll be in the second grade.
     There are a lot of things I like to do. I like playing with toys like rocket ships. I also like to build underground forts and I also built a spaceship.
     I didn’t think the spaceship would work, so I called it some old junky jalopy. But it did work! Holy cow!

My school picture
Moon Pie!
     I am friends with a man named Mr. DiTerlizzi. But he lets me call him Tony D. He has a lot of toys too! He loves to write stories and draw pictures for kids. He told me he was working on a story about me and how I LOVE Moon Pies! I do, they’re the BEST!
     In the story I told him I wanted to get like, I dunno... one-thousand Moon Pies! Tony D. said, “Okay, I’ll see what I can do.”
     He told me the story after he wrote it. I liked it. Then, he asked me to make up what the characters looked like. So I did.
     Here are some of my drawings that I did of Mr. Moon, the Mars Men & The Grimble. Tony used my drawings to help him make up the characters in the book.
     He also borrowed my flight goggles and scarf for me to pose with in a costume. My dad gave me the goggles. My mom gave me the scarf. I love them too.
     When I grow up, I want to maybe be an astronaut for NASA. Then I can go back to Mars to see The Grimble and the Mars Men. Or even see Mr. Moon. Sometimes I see him when we are riding in the car at night, and he follows me home. I know I miss him too.
     Tony D. also wrote and drew pictures for some other books too. I have them on my bookshelf in my room, and sometimes my mom and dad read them to me.
     Well, that’s all for now. I hope you like my web site. I made it with Tony D. and Frank R. They both love toys and comics but they’re grown-ups! But that’s pretty okay with me.
Jimmy's drawings