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Still Gonna Chat (09-16-01)
Despite the events of last week, we thought it best to keep busy and continue on with our chat. As we mentioned earlier, Tony will be the guest speaker in a Workshop of the Writers chat on Tuesday September 18th, from 9-10pm ET. You'll need America Online to attend:
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Chat Room: The Workshop

Tony D Chat September 18th (09-09-01)
If you are interested in talking picture books, Tony will be the guest speaker in a Workshop of the Writers chat on Tuesday September 18th, from 9-10pm ET. You'll need America Online to attend:

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Chat Room: The Workshop

New Book by Tony! (09-09-01)
Alien & Possum is a new young-reader book written by Tony Johnston and illustrated by Tony D. Similar to the Frog & Toad series, check out Alien & Possum at your local bookstore, or order it from amazon.com.

If you want to see some of Tony's favorite images from the book, check out the little gallery of images we've added here.

Once Upon A Fairy Tale (09-09-01)
As we mentioned in the Sneaky-Peeks section, T worked with Robin Williams, and a host of other celebrities and artists, for the benefit book Once Upon A Fairy Tale. Now you can pre-order the book at amazon.com for it’s October release. We’ll be adding the image, along with comments, to the Tony’s Work section of the site very soon…stay tuned!

Encore Signing in Florida! (07-18-01)
Did you miss Tony when he signed at Books-A-Million in Jupiter, Florida back in May? Fear not, dear readers, for he will be back again Saturday, July 28th from 11–1 PM. Check out the Signings page for more details. Yes, you can bring your copies of Ted and Jimmy Zangwow and Ribbiting Tales for him to sign as well!

Tony and Angela will even be giving away free books on the local radio station (WRMF 97.9 FM) Thursday morning. Tune in!

Even More Signings! Even More Pics!(06-14-01)
The Ted tour continues! We've added some new dates and pictures from Tony's latest signings. Were you there? Check out the photos here! Check out the photos here!

New pics on the Fridge O’ Fame! (06--08-01)
Just added some new pictures on the Fridge of Fame. Check out the photos here!

New Signings, New Photos! (06-07-01)
More dates have been added to the DiTerlizzi Signings page! Hey, where were you? Come on out and get your picture with Tony and we'll add it to the site. Check out the photos here!

Ted's Playground is OPEN! (04-14-01)
Yes! The sick little twisted minds of Frank Rust and Tony D., who brought you jimmyzangwow.com, now unveil their latest web wonderland: Ted's Playground! Go in, check it out, play around and let us know what you think...we'd love to hear from you!


Jimmy Zangwow teams with The Little Prince!

R. John Wright Dolls and Theriault's are sponsoring a tour for The Little Prince, in which he will travel all over the world and collect items from his journey. Once completed, the items and the Little Prince (a hand-crafted, 23 inch doll representing the character) will be auctioned, with proceeds to go to several children's charities.
     Tony contributed a signed 1st edition copy of “Jimmy Zangwow” along with a signed proof page! This is an unbound, single sheet proof used to color correct the images before the book goes to press. They are very rare, as only a handful are made for the publisher.
     To find out more about “The Little Prince Doll Grand Tour” check out R. John Wright's web site.

New Li'l Artists Unveiled! (03-16-01)
WOW! Mrs. Costas' second grade class just sent us a whole kaboodle of ORIGINAL DRAWINGS of Jimmy, Mr. Moon, the Mars-Men and the Grimble! Check them out at the Fridge-O-Fame! Thanks Mrs. C!

The Food Network
Tony D on The Food Network! (12-16-00)
Did you miss Tony yakking about Jimmy Zangwow on “In Food Today” the first time it aired? Fear not, The Food Networks daily magazine show will re-air the “Blast From the Past” episode on Friday, December 29th at 11a.m. Eastern Time.
    See a tour of Chattanooga Bakery (where the Moonpies are made) and visit Tony in his studio as he talks about his pie-in-the-sky inspirations for the book. For more info, visit the shows site here. You can see more photos in Book Signings.

Rosie's Readers picks Jimmy Zangwow! (11-17-00)
On Tuesday, November 14th, talk show host Rosie O'Donnell chose “Jimmy Zangwow...” as this months readers pick! “ I absolutely love it, it's a great book! I read it to my son and he loves it! It's one of his favorite books!”
     For more info, check out Rosie's Readers on www.eToys.com. Thanks Rosie! YOU ROCK!
Rosie O'Donnell

News Archive:
Jimmy Zangwow T-shirts Available for Order! Just in time for the holidays! Chattanooga Bakery (makers of all things MOON PIE) is now selling the nostalgia-inspired Jimmy Zangwow T-shirts at their site. Shirts are 100% cotton, in antique yellow or antique beige, and are available in adult and children's sizes.

Tony D is Tennessee Bound!
Details on the 12th Annual Southern Book Festival have been added to the “Book Signings” section of the site. Hope to see you there!

Hear Jimmy Zangwow!
Tired of reading Jimmy Zangwow a million times a day to your youngster? Now a reading of Jimmy Zangwow is available on audio tape!
     The story is narrated by L.J. Ganser, who has performed voice-overs for over 100 radio and TV commercials. The performance is wonderful, and definitely has a nostalgic feel to it. The tape is available for purchase (or rental) through Recorded Books' catalog (call 1-800-638-1304), or through their Web site.

New snapshots in the photo album!
For all of Tony's fellow New Yorker pals, we've added pics from his Barnes & Noble reading at Union Square park. Couldn't make it to the last signing? Fear not, we've added info on an upcoming signing in NYC, as well as one in Nashville! Check the Book Signings for more info.

NEW Jimmy Zangwow Banners!
We've added banner graphics so you can now link to the Jimmy Zangwow site from yours. You can find the graphics and instructions how to use them here.

Jimmy Zangwow T-shirts! Done in a 1950s nostalgic advertisement style, these doozies will be printed on white cotton T's. Look for them August 1st in bookstores, or available directly through the Chattanooga Bakery Web site.

NEW Fridge-O’-Famers! We've added some new colorings to those celestial refrigerators in the Drawing Board section!

Jimmy Zangwow helps out Public Television! WGBH (Channel 2), the public television station out of Boston, will be holding a fund raiser from June 2nd through the 10th.
     Zangwow stuff for the TV & online auction includes: Jimmy Zangwow Moon Pie boxes, 20+ copies of the book (each with an ORIGINAL SKETCH and signature!) as well as a pillowcase doodled on by Tony!
     Tune in and help out WGBH if you can. They produce great shows like: Nova, Between the Lions, & Antiques Roadshow! Link to the auction.

The “Shoot for the Moon” Sweepstakes! Chattanooga bakery, in conjunction with Simon & Schuster Books, will be sponsoring a sweepstakes contest with some GREAT prizes! Look for specially marked “Jimmy Zangwow” boxes of Moon Pies for details. You can also check in with www.moonpie.com.

Crayola Kids Magazine Jimmy Zangwow was reprinted (in a smaller, serialized form) in the May 2000 issue of Crayola Kids magazine. As well as doing a great reproduction of the book, they recommended this very Web site! THANKS Crayola Kids!

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